The Virtue Initiative

Could virtue be an end in itself?


Twenty five decades ago, Plato described the seven virtues of trust, compassion, courage, justice, wisdom, temperance, and hope. They appear to be a common denominator that spans diverse cultures, societies and religions. Trust makes your workforce more agile and ready to efficiently respond to uncertainty. Compassion improves customer and employees experience. Courage encourages tempered risk taking and promotes doing, “the hard right, rather than the easy wrong.” Justice promotes equality, diversity and accountability and promotes discretionary effort. Wisdom promotes common sense and foresight. Temperance allows balance and discipline in the workplace. Hope leads to an optimistic, future vision. These are all learned traits, and if they don’t exist in our business of healthcare culture they can be taught. If one believes that the purpose of business is to add value to society, then a values based approach has the potential to provide the foundational basis for success.

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