The Access Initiative

Access to medical care is filled with a variety of barriers. There are financial barriers.
Time off work, parking, time constraints including childcare and household responsibilities. There is the requirement for transportation, sometimes tremendous distances.

There’s also the question of need- does going to ones physician give one value, couldn't one just use Google, right on a smartphone. What about patient preference?

Physicians work a limited hours on limited days, and OHIP does not pay for telephone calls with patients.

In the age of smart phones and Amazon, where patients can get the latest medical books in 24 hrs, it’s understandable that patients want medical care on their schedules and on their terms.

We should embrace the field of telemedicine starting with the eVisit


 This is about access and convenience for patients, and overall cost savings.

Imagine in your office being able to do with a video chat, routine follow-up visits, review pathology or other tests, discuss mammograms, ultrasounds, or directly visualize an incision after surgery all from the comfort of the patients chosen venue. Unlike a phone call, being able to see each other allows a much more profound degree of communication, assessment of nonverbal cues, the ability to read body language, and make the decision whether the eVisit has served its purpose or do I need to bring my patient into the office.

This is Canada, and at times traveling in poor weather may be inconvenient or dangerous, patients may have mobility issues, be in poor health, could be immunosuppressed from chemotherapy. It may be more comfortable and more convenient for them to have a eVisit with their provider.

Typical Office eVisit Telehealth station


-possibly not for first consults
-no physical examination
-patient acceptance and comfort
-familiarity with technology 


-OHIP billing, consult fee + bonus eVisit fee
-fee for patient no show
-fee for technical difficulty

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